Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Great Lakes ownCloud Developer Meetup

During the weekend of October 27-28th, we held the first Great Lakes ownCloud Developer Meetup in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was also the first developer meetup outside of Europe for ownCloud. The ownCloud community and, in general, the KDE community is mostly European and this was a satellite event of the larger ownCloud meetup held during the same weekend at KDAB Berlin. Over the weekend we had seven people attend. A great turnout for the first ownCloud meeting in North America and hopefully there will be many more great meetings to follow.
During the meeting we got valuable user feedback and helped people get the latest ownCloud version running. There’s some interest in contributing and we’re looking forward to seeing some new pull requests on GitHub soon. Alessandro and I worked on integrating the Share API in the upcoming News app for sharing articles between users. We also began compiling some small tasks for middle school and high school students for the Google Code-In competition. The ownCloud tasks can be viewed here. Furthermore, we brainstormed about some potential features for upcoming versions of ownCloud: History app, Annotation system, and more. Lastly, we enjoyed conversation about space conquest, open source, Linux, along with probably the best Reuben sandwiches you can have on the entire planet from Zingerman’s Deli (take this, Berliners! :P ).
We hope to continue this event in the future for all ownCloud fans in North America! Thanks to those who joined us for the weekend.

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