Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Mounting Dropbox into ownCloud

I just finished adding support for mounting Dropbox and Google Drive in the external storage user interface. These took a while longer than the other storage backends because both require OAuth authentication.

It is a fairly simple process to configure both in the user interface, but Dropbox has one extra step. Dropbox requires that developers create an ‘app’ that is registered with Dropbox in order to access their API. Unfortunately, ownCloud can’t take care of this part because the app must be approved by Dropbox and the app key distributed with the source. This would allow someone to potentially violate Dropbox’s policies acting as ownCloud. No worries though, mounting your free 2 GB of storage at Dropbox is still possible. It requires that you create an app with Dropbox and then provide the app key and secret to the external storage configuration user interface. Go to My apps at Dropbox and create an app. Select ‘Full Dropbox’ for access level.
Now grab the app key and secret and paste these into the corresponding fields for the Dropbox storage (please don’t attempt to apply for production status). Click the ‘Grant access’ button and you will be redirected to the Dropbox website to give ownCloud permission to access your account.
Your username and password at Dropbox is not stored on your ownCloud, instead a token and token secret are stored that represent your account.
Your Dropbox files should now be available through ownCloud! The last step only applies to mounting Google Drive, no app key or secret is necessary. Have fun with your free 7 GB of storage space!

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