Thursday, 1 March 2018

Software Review: BitDefender Antivirus 2018

Many new and improved features! You have to check this one out!

BitDefender Antivirus 2018 offers some pretty great tools for virus protection and spyware protection. Also be sure to check out the Fix Me Stick if your computer is already infected with a virus.

In my experience with using BitDefender Antivirus 2018 I found the use of this product to be easy, there wasn't much searching around for what I was looking for the menu and advanced features were easy to understand and laid out your options for you in a easy to read steps.

I noticed that it does not take up a lot of system resources like some other antivirus suites do and the anti-virus scanning engine was very quick and I was able to browse the web and do other stuff on my computer without a bunch of lag.

BitDefender Antivirus 2018 includes advanced protection detection tools which incorporate the use of rootkit scanning as well as spyware and malware protection with increased anti-phishing abilities as well.

The best aspect of the program (at least for me) is the Gamer Mode. With Gamer Mode, BitDefender Antivirus 2018 reduces its system requirements and overall system resource consumption levels to the bare minimum so that it does have a negative effect on how your game runs.

I would recommend that everyone give it a try, especially if you're a gamer that wants an antivirus that won't eat up all your FPS in game!

This product has earned 4/5 stars for its excellence.

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