GSoC: Managing shared files in ownCloud

In the last few days there has been many changes to sharing in ownCloud and more things are formulating in my head for the future. The bulk of the changes happened to the library that interacts with the database of shared items to allow for shared files to be renamed, moved around, and assigned permissions. It’s still a little messy and I hope to clean up the code in the next couple of days. Read more…

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GSoC: ownCloud Sharing Folders

June 28th, 2011 3 comments

ownCloud Folder Sharing

This past week I had intended to work on file permissions and user group file sharing. Unfortunately, niether of those were even started. Instead of working on those I decided that it was more important to implement sharing of folders. Along the way I did some refactoring in how I fetch the source locations from within the shared storage provider and the database.  Read more…

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GSoC: ownCloud Sharing

June 22nd, 2011 4 comments


I was accepted into Google Summer of Code for my proposal to introduce a way of sharing files between users of ownCloud. If you haven’t heard about ownCloud yet, then you should read this blog post by Frank Karlitschek. I’m having lots of fun along the way and would like to thank my mentor Robin Appelman for all of his advice and programming help. So in this first post of my new blog I would like to share what I’ve accomplished so far. Read more…

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